Seekajak-Trip: Ionische Inseln in Griechenland

Seekajak-Kurse und Trips mit Anne Huebner
Urlaub in Griechenland, Foto: Michael Sommerauer

Im Moment hat mich die Lernzeit fest im Griff und damit steigt das Fernweh natürlich mal wieder exponentiell an - was gibt es da schöneres als in den Erinnerungen an vergangene Urlaubstage zu schwelgen? - Hier der Trip Report von meinem Seekajak-Trip zu den ionischen Inseln in Griechenland!


Why sea kayaking: This trip was my very first time in a sea kayak. So why? This spring my boyfriend came up with the idea of doing a sea kayaking trip to the Ionian Sea in Greece so I simply thought: Lets give it a try!


Logistics: We took the car to Venice. Due to the fact that taking the car to Greece would have been quite expensive we decided to leave the car in Venice and went on the ferry to Igoumenitsa as Pedestrians. We were allowed to take the kayaks as bikes for free. In Igoumenitsa we started paddling. Every three days we went shopping in one of those picturesque coastal hamlets to fill up our water and food reserves. We slept wherever we found a nice place along the coast. Thirteen days and 470 km later we reached the town Patras from where we took the ferry back to Venice.


Seekajak Trip entlang der Ionischen Inseln in Griechenland mit Anne Huebner
Unsere Reiseroute - von Igoumenitsa nach Patras

Itinerary: We started paddling in Igoumenitsa were we went southwards along the west coast. Once we reached the island Lefkas we continued paddling southwards along the west coast and from the southern tip we jumped to the next island Kefalonia. Again we paddled down south along the west coast and again from the southern tip we jumped to the Ionian island Zakinthos. From the northern tip of Zakinthos we paddled almost all around the island starting down the west coast and from the southern tip northwards along the east cost almost back to the town Zakinthos. From there we jumped to Peloponnese and continued along the coast to Patras.


Conclusion: During the trip we have seen endless empty beaches, deserted bays and crystal clear water with all colours of blue, flying fishes, a giant turtle and few of the most beautiful sunsets. But we did not only get to know the beauty of sea kayaking. We also had a few days with strong wind. On that one day we paddled southwards the west coast of Zakinthos there were quite big waves - I think, the biggest waves I have ever paddled, which was very impressive. Luckily we had the waves coming from the back and so we got pushed forward about 50 km almost without any effort - except for my nerves.

Now, after the trip, I am very happy that I tried it and I am sure I will do it again - maybe once a year - ?


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